Guest Post, Katie Campbell: On Makeup

While being with my family this week, I asked my sweet friend, Katie, to write a blog post. Katie and I have known one another since Junior High.  We went to the same church, high school and then ten years later, we both lived in Portland. She is like a sister to me.  Katie and I both began our photography businesses in the same year. We are both married to pastors and we both love Starbucks. She is so talented and sweet and I know that she is making a difference in this world.  Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here today. I just love you Katie! Ok, and is she just the cutest?

As a photographer one thing that has become a vital part of my photo experience and shooting style is professional makeup. Several months ago I teamed up with the fabulous Courtney Rogers of Human Beauty to help work with my clients. I knew I wanted to work with Courtney because I loved her makeup style and overall feel. When she works with women she is so genuine. Makeup for courtney isn’t just the outer beauty but rather, who you are as person. That’s why I adore her!!

I also think it’s so important to find a makeup artist who is good fit for your shooting style and esthetic. I love Courtney and how flawless her makeup is upon completion. She does a great job enhancing features and drawing out natural beauty.

Before heading out to get professional photos I personally think finding a good makeup artist to do your makeup before pictures truly makes or breaks great pictures. When you feel confident as a person you feel confident in front of the camera. I think every woman holds her head a little higher once she gets professional makeup done. Getting your hair and makeup done enhances the overall picture experience If you are a getting married, getting your engagement pictures done, or even for senior pictures I HIGHLY suggest finding a great makeup artist to work with. You won’t regret it.

Below are some before and after sessions that Courtney and I worked on together. It's so fun to see the transformation