Fridays are for Fun

This is going to be a short one today. It's been a tougher week. There were some fun things -- like a 10:30pm ice-cream run to Safeway, and brand new goggles, (because we are nearly professional swimmers now) ;), but there was one harder thing that made this week a bit different. *We found out on Sunday morning that our Grandma had passed away. It was the evening of her seventy-fifth birthday. She was a brave woman, persevering through many, many trials in this life. I will miss her. And so it's a sad week. I am more homesick and can't wait to be with my entire family in one week. I also know this wasn't the end for my Grandma and that gives us peace. She is finally healed and in the presence of God. Isn't that amazing? Life is truly short, and I think times like this make us sense that God is very real.

*There was a highlight to this week and that was hanging out with Carsten while his parents went on a little date :) He wore his cut off, had a mohawk and entertained us with his many faces. He is just the cutest, wouldn't you agree?

Don't worry, he was only concerned for a moment....

We love you Carsten!

Have a good weekend. Enjoy some cooler weather, I can hardly believe that it was thirty degrees warmer last week at this time. What a crazy life! Much Love, K and K