Chapelle De L'artiste Wedding and Lovely Layers Cake and Blue Shoes

I am editing a wedding right now that was full of details. Everything planned so well and among the common theme was the color blue. It made me realize that a well thought out day makes a good end story. For all of us. So here's my quick thought for the day. Before you invest in a bunch of details, think about what your common theme will be. Whether it is a color or a style, if you know and can stay true to that, then the planning process may just be easier for you.

And you will love the end result, the design of your wedding day will be beautiful and cohesive. Who would have known that shoes could complement a cake so well? (and wait until you see how the rest of these details came together)

Happy planning friends! I hope to share so much more from this wedding soon.

Emily, with Lovely Layers Cakes, handcrafted this beautiful cake.