Chico Wedding Photographer: Fridays are for Fun

I have no idea how Friday came so quickly. Wow. I feel like the weekends are a blur and before I know it, another wedding is nearly here.This week has been one of those nose to the ground, work hard weeks. Once again though, we managed to have a little fun.

*In good old summer fashion, we went to the pool a couple times this week. I started swimming again and discovered that while I may have thought I was in shape, a half mile of swimming nearly tuckered me out.

*We also discovered that our nephew Carsten, is happiest in the water. At eight months, he is quite the little fish.

*I did a power clean of the house on Wednesday night. With working so much right now, I feel like everything is a little harder to keep up with. But I made record time of cleaning the house on Wednesday. Go team Stone!

*Had a mentor session with Melissa Jill this week over Skype. Such an honor and loved learning from her. We both laughed about having to get out of our sweats, for our meeting. (On days when I am just working in my office, I tend to stay in my sweats all day long: No need to spoil a good outfit day).

*Had a late night run to Winco last night, which was an adventure in itself.

*Ate way too many gummy bears this week. Not sure when or why I got addicted to these little guys, but it is true. And my favorite kind, the generic brand from Safeway. Trust me, I did a taste test.

*And just this morning, I got to have a coffee date with Shannon Rosan. Such a sweetie :) Love meeting with her. I am pretty sure we could talk for hours. She's a photographer here in Chico and if you haven't seen her work, well you simply must.

We have an event tonight and another wedding this weekend. It's going to be a good one!

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! Maybe work on your sun tan for me, and oh yes, eat some gummy bears as well. K and K