Chico Wedding Photographer: As a Bride Prepares...

There is so much photo journalism to being a wedding photographer. One of my favorite parts of the day is the time spent with a bride as she is getting ready to see her groom. Sometimes the moments are quiet; thoughtful, and other times there is so much excitement it can harldy be contained. And yet there is a story to be told. Today, I wanted to showcase Kelsey and the time we spent with her as she prepared. There were so many details and incredible beauty. We are honored to have captured her. Kelsey prepared to see her groom at the Hotel Diamond in downtown Chico. I highly recommend their suites for getting ready. Their rooms provide an incredible backdrop for these moments.

Enjoy this glimpse into the beginning of Max and Kelsey's wedding day. We can't wait to show you their entire wedding on the blog within the next couple days.

These girls were among the sweetest bridesmaids and friends to Kelsey on her big day. I love Lauren's expression here. So sweet.

Kelsey, you are beautiful. Truly.

And once again, Melinda, with M Creations, provided amazing work to compliment this beautiful bride.

More to come so soon!