Chico Wedding Photography: Creating Memories Together

Well, we may have escaped real life for a couple days. And it was just what we needed. Kenny has been working long hours right now with ministry, while I have been trying to catch up from our busy January. So when we were given the opportunity to take two days off in a row, we took it. And we knew we wanted to get away.

We packed up our little CRV and headed to the mountains. We had never seen Tahoe, never rode a gondola together and never stayed in a cabin burrowed into the forest (Many thanks to our friends who let us stay for free). We ate gummy worms by the fire and shoveled the snow off the driveway. We got up early to capture something beautiful and sang to Maroon Five as we drove around the lake. We dreamed about staying for weeks and skiing for days. We laughed about how I get cold way too easily.

And at the end of the day, I have a bunch of new memories tucked away. The best kind. Because they are us, together.

So even though life is crazy, take time to create memories with the ones you love. These kind of adventures, while sometimes unexpected, make you realize how blessed you are to share life with people who love you.

Just a couple photos from our little trip...

And brilliant creations like this, stop us in our tracks. God is so powerful to create something this majestic!

Our self portrait inside the Gondola... LOVE this man!

And there you go Honda, proof that your 1997 CRV is still going strong! Not sure why we took this picture, but let's just say those mountains make our car look good :)