Chico California Photographer: L Family

Sometimes in our lives, we are surrounded by amazing people! This family is one of them. Kenny and I have the privelege of being in a small group with Peter and Alli. They are the parents of three children -- all under the age of three. That should tell you something about them, right there. They are amazing parents with unending amounts of energy! I don't always get the opportunity to work with people that I know well -- so this was truly a treat for me! Enjoy these cute faces -- I wish I had the time to post all of the photos from their session.

Cheers to Tuesday -- and the time I have gotten to spend with my Mom this week. I so wish she lived here!

What a beautiful family, huh?

Things don't always work out just as you seem when you try to take photos of three little people :) Now you know where these cuties get their beautiful eyes...