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Chico Senior Session: Krissi

KrissiClass of 2014 Chico, California "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails." -Elizabeth Edwards Krissi is courageous, beautiful and resilient. She has battled fiercely this year and through it all, God is weaving a beautiful story of redemption. I am very honored to know Krissi.


West Linn Senior Portraits: Kate

There are clients that come to us more than once in their lifetime and that makes us feel like we are doing something right. Like we are accomplishing what we set out to do. This couldn't be more true with Kate and her Mom, Kristine. Kristine gave us the opportunity to photograph her son, Reid, a few years ago. So when she wrote, knowing that we don't even live in Portland anymore, it meant the world to us. And we definitely wanted to make it work.

And then we met Kate. She is so great. So gifted and talented and just down to earth. She was up for anything, even when we ended up meeting at a location that was full of people. She is beautiful, confident, humble and sweet.

Kristine, thank you for letting us be a small part of your lives. Thank you for investing in us and just making us feel so comfortable and loved. We love working with you and your family. Kate, thank you for being so willing to work with us and make us laugh. We are excited to see what your future holds.

Much Love, K and K

Ok, and isn't she so pretty?

Chico Portrait Photographer: Senior Photos

I think we all blinked and suddenly March is here! What a crazy year it has been so far. It seems like time is going by very quickly. Either that, or I am getting older. People used to tell me that time moves faster, the older you get. I am starting to believe them :) So here we are -- Kenny and I are in the midst of preparing for a mission trip to Mexico. Well, Kenny is preparing and I am trying to provide moral support because this will be the first year that I don't go on the trip. Which means that I am actually even more worried about it. How will Kenny survive the trip without me? Oh I am totally kidding, I promise :) I will be the one pacing the halls of my office wondering if he is still alive and well in Mexico. All that to say, I will miss him and the team like crazy!

And since it is March, that brings me to the point of this post, Senior Photos. Every year, we take a handful of senior photos. Mostly because we love high school students! I want to make sure you know we are doing this again and definitely want to work with as many of you as possible! We are getting busier as the weather continues to be incredible! So please schedule your session as soon as you can :) I can't wait to hear from some of you!

Have a great evening everyone! And if you don't mind, please pass this on to the high school families that you know! Cheers! K and K

Chico California Photographer: Bryn

Looking back at this senior class, I have had the opportunity to work with so many different students and I am so grateful! Bryn may have been my final senior session of the year and what a great way to end. Bryn is on the snowboard team for her high school. She is courageous and full of passion. It was an honor to spend the afternoon with Bryn and her Mom. Thank you so much! Cheers to Bryn and the entire class of 2011!

Bryn, you are beautiful!

I love these last two photos -- how they contrast two different moods, both beautiful.

Chico California Photographer: Natalie

Sometimes I get the chance to meet with my clients before their session. Natalie was one of them. We met later on a Thursday night and as she began to tell me her vision for her senior photos, I knew, in that moment, that this was going to be good. She is an AP student, very involved in school and I can tell, she is adored by her peers. Natalie is a natural leader and she is stunning. And the best part, she rocked her senior photos -- in her heels! Thank you so much Natalie. You are so sweet -- and I loved working with you!

Yes, this is her car -- she restored the entire thing!

Love it!

Chico California Photographer: Kira

Meet Kira -- she is so beautiful -- and has a voice to match that beauty. Over the last year, I have heard her sing a few times, and she is simply amazing! I am so glad to work with Kira. It was early in the morning when I photographed her, but her session quickly became the highlight of my day. Kira, thank you so much! Thank you for your joy and for showing so many qualities of your self in these photos. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Kira: Your eyes are stunning!

Thank you for laughing with me (or perhaps at me...)

Chico California Photographer: Janee Tease...

I cannot believe it is Thursday. What happened to this week? If you wondered where I have been, I have been in my office, editing like a crazy woman all week long. This may explain my lack of blogs posts. Not to worry though -- in between all of my editing, I did manage to make dinner two nights in a row (quite the accomplishment for this girl), and watch American Idol last night... Who are you rooting for? And the tease of today: For those of you who know Janee, I think you would agree, she is among the sweetest persons on earth!

Chico California Photographer: Gabriella

I am in a quiet mood this week. Just thoughtful with a lot of things going on around me. As I worked on Gabriella's photos today -- this next set almost stopped me in my tracks. She is so beautiful, inside and out. But what really struck me, is the story that I see behind these photos. As the wind stirred around her, she quietly showed her strength and joy and beauty. And I think this is what happens in life. God uses the storms and challenges and chaos that stirs around us, to bring out His beauty and His character and His strength. I think the storms are the blessings, but sometimes that is hard to see.

Thanks Gabby -- for letting your photos inspire me. You are gorgeous!

Chico California Photographer: Regan Tease...

Well -- yesterday was among the best adventures ever! I spent some time with Regan and his Mom, at their home, and mostly out in their farm. Wait until you see more from his session... Thank you so much Regan and Heidi! I am so blessed to work with people like you!And in case you are wondering, yes, that is a real live cow behind Regan! (Remember, I moved from Portland to Chico just last year, so this "city girl" has not spent too much time around the farm life -- so much fun!)