Fridays are for Fun

Well, for the first time in quite awhile I am celebrating that Friday means the start of a weekend for us. I'm pretty excited about it and I would say that this week has been really good: *Began packing for the big move. I know, we are only moving two miles, but let's still call it a big move, because really, anytime you have to go through years of collected stuff, it is quite the event.

*Had the best coffee date with some of our favorite people on Sunday. There is nothing like it. I treasure these small moments in life.

*Began watching the Amazing Race and realized once again that Kenny and I should definitely apply to be on this show. I say this every year and wonder why their application process has to be so long?

*Enjoying a cup of chai tea as I write this and excited that fall is finally starting to come around here in Chico. I'm definitely a fan of fall weather, scarves and warm drinks.

*And speaking of this, was told by our friends at Starbucks that red cups are nearly here... which means a couple things for me: One, I will drink far too much egg nog and two, I can almost begin to decorate for the holidays.

*Reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. I should never complain.

*Looking forward to having our good friends, Josh and Bethany here in Chico this weekend. It's going to be so fun!

*Also looking forward to cheering wildly for our brother, Allen as he sings his heart out on Saturday at the El Rey. If you live anywhere near here, you will not want to miss this :)

Have a great weekend friends! Enjoy the fall weather -- and wear a scarf for me :)

And I got to spend some time with Jane last night. She is so pretty....