Fridays are for Fun

Gosh, I am just so excited that it is Friday! We have been some busy bees over here, our weekdays full of so many great things: *Hung out with little Carsten quite a bit this week. He is the sweetest and always makes me smile.

*Decided to brave a run with the little man on Tuesday evening; just me, Carsten and the jogging stroller. No judging if you saw me struggling through this run. I have so much respect for all you Mom's who do this all the time, including my sister: You're amazing!

*Planned and cooked two really good dinners this week. Among my favorite thing: A fresh taco salad with homemade guacamole and brown rice from our friends, the Lundbergs. Good news was: I didn't even burn the rice :)

*Decided to start doing sit-ups and push-ups before bed each night. Sadly, this lasted one night. Better luck next week.

*Found a grey hair -- on Kenny. While I still constantly get mistaken for a teenager, it looks like one of us may be starting to look more like a thirty year old. He's so good looking :)

*Had a really good visit with my friend Katie this week. Friends are the best.

*Found out that Kenny prefers not to share his nightly bowl of cereal with me. So sad.

*Painted my toe nails while watching and celebrating the Seahawks victory on Monday night. I know there is much contention around this win, but thank you refs for letting us think we cheer for the best team in the world.

*Turned 30 last week. Kenny planned such a fun dinner with some of our friends on Friday evening. Feeling spoiled and a little bit old :)

*Most of all, feeling very blessed. We have the best family and friends and work with the kindest people. We know that our life is full, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. So thank you to everyone who encourages and walks beside us in this life.

AND... For the first time in ten weeks, we have the weekend off! Best days ever! While we love our jobs, we are super thankful to have a weekend to regroup and just be together. Oh yes, and let's not forget, we will also be celebrating Carsten's first birthday on Saturday and awaiting the arrival of our newest nephew or niece anytime  :)

Happy Friday -- have some fun. And for all my friends who don't live in Chico -- please enjoy some cooler weather for me. It looks like we are about to have another one-hundred degree weekend :)

Oh yes, and just in case you didn't know, I love this man!