Fridays are for Fun

Well this is my official, "boo" to colds, especially in the summer, post :) Really, shouldn't it be a rule, "no colds allowed", when the weather is over eighty degrees? I mean, how silly do I feel, holding a tissue in one hand and ice water in the other.

Along with this, Kenny has had some pretty bad allergies this week -- meaning both our noses look like Rudolph, not to mention our puffy eyes...

Also, I am wondering how I got this cold, as I tend to be a hermit during the week, with all of my editing. I think I blame the gym on this one.

However, there were some upsides to catching a cold: Since I couldn't really taste anything, I would say it was a good week for my cooking. I had an excuse to lay low for a little bit, which gave my eyes a much needed break from editing. Along with this, I had the chance to catch up on some Cooking Channel Reality TV (Yes, I do watch an episode of Chopped from time to time). And let's be honest, this also gave me the excuse to sit in my sweats all day long and sleep in this morning. That was amazing! Finally, I moved a lot slower than normal, which is probably good for my life, since I tend to powerwalk everywhere.

Now, I am not recommending a summer cold, to anyone. But it did change the pace of my life this week, giving me the time to reflect and remember what is really important. We can get so busy and I am thankful for the deep breaths, and the time to see all the things that God is doing in our lives right now.

On a final note, this cold must go away :) We have two weddings this weekend -- one in Chico and then on to Portland for the second. So excited to celebrate marriage with both of these couples.

Have a great weekend friends! Try not to catch a cold, because really, it is not that cool. I promise. K

And because I still have not gotten around to posting our Kauai pics, here is just one for now... I'm pretty sure colds don't exist in Kauai :)