Fridays are for Fun

Happy August friends! I cannot believe this -- what a fast summer so far and this week proved to be the same with some great moments. *Had a really creative shoot last night with a bride, before the day of her wedding. I'll share more soon, but have been wanting to implement something like this for awhile. Yay for checking off another thing on my "dreams" list.

*Peets was giving away free drinks on Wednesday. Let's just say Brandon, Marissa, Kenny and I may have taken a little coffee break to indulge here. Thank you Peets!

*Hosted a party for Kenny's 30th! Yes, this is the third week in a row where you are hearing about Kenny's birthday. I promise it is the last week too :) We had such a blast on Tuesday evening. And, I learned that any good party ideas, come to my brain, very last minute... Meaning, I was scrambling like crazy. My poor husband.

*Ordered these amazing Red Velvet Cupcakes from The Cupcake Crusader for the party. We highly recommend that you taste one, asap :)

*Watching the Olympics like crazy. Staying up way too late.

*Went for a swim on Sunday evening right before we watched the Olympics. Decided that I will not be trying out for the Olympic swim team...

*Gearing up for an amazing wedding in Napa this weekend. So excited for many reasons, among one of them, cooler weather :) Hello seventy degrees -- perhaps I won't look like a drowned rat by the end of this wedding :)

Have a great weekend! So thankful that you would even take the time to read this little post. K and K