Fridays are for Fun

Oh Friday! So glad that you are here! It has been a bit of a long week, with some grand adventures: *Obviously, I watched the Bachelorette Finale on Sunday. So pleased with the results -- Can't wait for Jef and Emily to ask me to photograph their wedding ;)

*Drove to Sacramento on Monday to run errands that we can't do here in Chico. Good thing we can have dance parties in the car :)

*You know those weeks when nothing goes right with technology -- yes, I am having one of those. It's amazing how much I count on technology in the daily operations of my business. I am trying to tell myself that this isn't stressful...

*Nestled into the couch for the Letterman show on Tuesday night to watch our brother. Fell asleep five minutes into the show. Luckily, I have a husband who can brave the late night hours and woke me up for Allen's performance. He's amazing!

*Wrote half of this blog post on a World Market ad, while sitting in the drive thru line at Starbucks :) Totally blessed when they handed me my drink for free, because I had waited in line so long :)

*Ran to the market last night with Kenny. Bought our veggies, and while waiting in line to pay, realized I was wearing my tanktop inside out. Oh dear -- hope I am not "losing it" yet.

*Washed the car at dusk in our barefeet. Totally nostalgic -- as if summer should always look this way.

*And highlight of the week: Getting ready to celebrate Kenny's 30th birthday on Sunday! Are you all so excited? I'm not sure if being 30 is great or if it just means that we are truly getting older.... Either way, sounds like a great reason for a party :)

And our wedding craziness is about to begin: Fourteen weddings left! So excited friends! Have a great weekend!

K and K

And, so thankful for our friend, Bethany, who captured some photos of us at the beach. Here's one of our many favorites...