Chico Photographers: Fridays are for Fun

Well the weather sure cooperated for us this week. Eighties in July?  I'll take it! Among this, there were a lot of other blessings: *Enjoyed every single moment of our day off on Monday. Slept in until 10:00 -- I know, call me lazy, but it was amazing!

*Counting my blessings -- I have been encouraged by so many people this week. Not sure why, but just received an abundance of sweet notes, which make me feel so loved.

*Going through Cannon Beach withdrawals. If only we could bring the beach back with us :)

*Had a cavity filled this week. Let's just say, it's been awhile since I had one of these. I think I had a mini anxiety attack when they started numbing my mouth. No worries though, an hour later, I looked like a chipmunk and had a "good as new" tooth.

*Really felt like summer last night when I made a quinoa salad for dinner with fresh veggies from the Market. Cheers for being healthy.

*Equally enjoyed the oreo ice-cream we ate after the quinoa salad. Cheers for eating dessert!

*Looking forward to the Bachelorette Finale this weekend. Seriously. I totally got suckered into this show and can't wait to see Emily end up with Jef;) Not going to lie, I have been cheering for team Jef since night one.

*Had a great chat with this sweet girl today as we ran through the park. She will be a sophomore this year at Utah State and I can't wait to see what God has in store for her!

*The preparations have begun -- Kenny turns 30 in nine days! Oh my gosh -- what should we do to celebrate?

*Came across this photo yesterday, and LOVE it. Can my Grandpa be any more awesome? Love him!

Happy Weekend to everyone. So thankful for all of you!