Fridays are for Fun.

Right now, Kenny and I are working a lot. Just some longer days, but don't worry, we love our jobs. The only thing I have been considering is hiring an assistant just so that I have someone to talk with each day :) In the midst of our hard work, we did manage to have a little fun this week:

*Thanks to my sister and her family we had an impromptu date last night to Jon and Bons for some frozen yogurt. Nothing like being with the family and eating some ice-cream. Is it weird that I mix chocolate peanut butter granola with tart frozen yogurt?

*Kenny and I have been running together a couple days a week. It has become one of my new favorite things -- we get in great visits and sport ourselves as "runners", although we know that is far from the truth. Thankfully I have a hubby who makes me think I am athletic :)

*We celebrated the birthday of our good friend Bryce this week! So lucky to be friends with their family. As a side note, Kenny and I spent about twenty minutes picking out a card for Bryce at Target. Did you know they have an entire aisle of "funny" cards. Let's just say I may have laughed out loud quite a few times in the middle of Target. Good thing Kenny was beside me.

*Ok and confession of the week, I got hooked on the Bachelorette. Emily's story is just amazing and so while I told myself I wouldn't watch this season, I couldn't help it. Here's to hoping she will pick a good husband. I already know who I am rooting for...

So cheers to Friday. We all need to laugh and dream and enjoy these sweet summer days.

Oh, and I also have been finishing putting together our bedroom decor. This is one of the fun little things that I purchased at The Address this month:

Happy Weekend! We'd love to hear about your plans and what you did for fun this week!