Chico Wedding Photographers: Fridays are for Fun

Another week;  and just like that, it is Friday again. I can't believe it. This week was full and I would say we had some adventures along the way. *Had the BEST Skype date with our friends, Josh and Bethany. To say we miss them like crazy, would be an understatement. They are once in a lifetime friends. The kind of people that make you better and stronger, even over Skype.

*Learned a lot this week. Humbled for sure.

*Stayed up way too late working on a project that still isn't finished. May have gotten frustrated. That's when Kenny broke out the John Mayer playlist, just because he knew it would make me smile.

*Went to Target with my sister this week. Target is always better with my sister, even if I am just there for toilet paper and shampoo. We browsed the aisles, got inspired by their home section and bought some oreos :) (I promise I don't only eat junk food)

*Had the greatest coffee date with my hubby on Sunday. You know those impromptu dates that turn out to be your favorite? Yep, that was it.

*Our espresso machine was down for the last two weeks, so we ordered a part that it needed. That part came two days ago, so Tuesday was a happy day. The machine worked again.  And then, this morning, while making our coffee, something went down. We had what you may call a mini explosion in the kitchen, that ended with a very broken coffee maker. Goodbye espresso machine. It's been a good four years.

*And... Kenny surprised me with some new shoes this week. I have been looking at Toms for awhile now, and when he bought me these wedges last weekend, I was pretty excited :) He's the sweetest!

Hope you all have a great weekend and maybe sneak in an adventure or two for us :) K and K