Chico Wedding Photographer: Finding Balance

Our life can seem crazy at times. There are moments when I have to take deep breaths and remember that we chose this. We choose to do ministry one hundred percent and own a wedding photography business. We choose to stay up later than we should or say yes to one more thing. We choose to go all out, wanting desperately to make a difference in this world. And then there are the moments where God slows us down. Because in it all, we have to choose balance.

We have to choose not to set our alarms in the morning and to walk a lot slower than normal. I have to choose to let the house stay dirty one more day, because people are more important.

So when we take a day off, you can know that we are busy choosing not to be busy. We are busy making breakfast burritos for dinner, because I am too lazy to make anything else. We are busy catching up on sports and the latest episode of The Firm. We go for walks that last for hours and get Frappucinos for half off, because who wouldn't want that? We choose to go to Costco together and pick out our latest craving, (which is usually Cheezits). We are busy dreaming of the beach. We choose to read and draw or peruse the latest magazine. We choose to play cribbage like it never went out of style.

Mostly though, we just choose to be together. Because really, that's our favorite place to be.

And because so many of our memories are tucked away on instagram... here are just a few of the latest.