Chico Wedding Photographer: To All My Sisters Out There

I LOVE it when our clients send us an invitation to their wedding. Seriously, it makes my day! And, I keep all of them just as a reminder of how blessed I am to work with some of the most amazing couples in the world :) This week, I received this invitation in the mail and had to share it (with permission from the couple :)) It reminded me of how much creativity and personalization goes into a wedding. I am constantly inspired by the details that our couples choose to implement into their day. And this invitation goes to show just how much of a statement the little details can make. Ok, and I may be a little biased seeing as their color schemes match our brand :)

As I was thinking through this blog post, I realized that it has been over seven years since I designed our wedding invitations. So, in keeping things fresh, I asked Kelsey and Stephen to share a bit about their own process of creating this beautiful invitation.

From the very beginning of our engagement, Stephen and I knew that we wanted to put love, thought and energy into our wedding invitations. Paper crafting is one of my favorite hobbies, so the task was definitely an exciting one for me! However, the process of actually finding the right design was much longer and more laborious than I thought! We wanted something that reflected our style and the vibe of our wedding--something unique and fun. After spending hours upon hours on various wedding invitation websites, we finally found one that was just perfect! But that was only the beginning. I then began to work on designing some RSVP, accommodation, and registry cards that would go with the invitation we had chosen. I had also seen really cute things done with baker's twine, and a friend had designed us a monogram stamp, so it was like a puzzle trying to piece together all of the elements into one invitation. But the best part about the invitations was the loving help I received from some of the ladies I work with on our Chico State Campus Crusade for Christ staff team (and my future cousin-in-law!). I am so thankful for all the time they put into working on the invitations, even doing all the intricate cutting by hand. It was so much fun to see the invitations come together, and by the time I had addressed and stamped the last one, it felt like quite the accomplishment! The process of creating these invitations involved a lot of love, conversation and laughter, and that is exactly the thing I want to share with every person who opens one.

Planning a wedding can definitely be a lot of work, but I love that the possibilities for creativity are endless. And, I know that there are so many people willing to jump in and help. A big thanks to Kelsey and Stephen for showcasing that today!

Oh yes, and many thanks to Love vs. Design for helping Kelsey and Stephen implement this creativity into their invitation.

Have a great weekend friends!

Don't you just love these details?