Chico Photographer: Life from the Top of the Stairs

Life is full. Full of ups and downs, good days and bad. Full of both the mundane and the exciting. Full of new opportunities and opportunities to waste. And In all of this, we have a choice. A choice regarding our perspective. I have been mulling this around in my heart and mind a lot lately. And just today, God gave me this word picture as I was going upstairs.

You see, I can easily look at life from the bottom of the stairs. Sure I glance up, but what lies ahead of me seems hard -- most of the time it looks more challenging than it even is. A daunting climb for sure.

This kind of perpsective comes with fear, indecision and stagnancy. It can paralyze me and keep me from moving at all.

And yet, there is a different way to see life. We can see life from the top of the stairs. Here, things don't look quite the same, the walk is a little bit easier. We have motivation to move forward because there is an end in sight with new doors and new opportunities. We want to get down the stairs.

And because I believe in God, I believe He sees my life this way; the whole picture from the very top of the stairs. He knows what will be coming next and He promises never to leave me and even to carry me down. Life at the top of the stairs is much less paralyzing.

So these are my thoughts: I definitely believe that our perspective, makes a big difference in how we live. And as I climb up and down these stairs in my home, I will consider this word picture: Praying that my life won't be stagnant and that God will use me to do great things for Him!

Much Love friends! K