Chico Newborn Photographer: Little C

Oh dear, this post is very, very late. Infact, I wasn't sure I would even post it. However, as I sifted through the photos of Carsten's birth, I knew they were too breathtaking not to share, even when it is five months late. Baby C was born in the middle of our busiest season. While I finished his newborn photos long ago, the photos of his birth were never completed. Until now. That is not something that I would ever do with clients, but in this case, it just kept getting pushed behind a lot of other projects. And being that it was my sister, I knew she would understand. Thank you sister, times one hundred, for all of your patience. You and your boys are the best!!

For the sake of their privacy, I am only sharing a few. But oh my gosh, it is amazing to look back on the thirty hours of labor and the joy that results. I may be biased, but he is an incredibly handsome newborn baby!

Just a few details...

The first few moments of little C's life... He didn't really cry much and he was so alert -- just checking out this new world.

Brandon was overjoyed!

All of his little features... so amazing!!

So perfect. He is a beautiful boy for sure!

Kenny and I have been concentrating mostly on weddings this year, but if you ever desire photo journalism like this, please don't hesitate to ask. It is not everyday that we get to photograph miracles and we are honored to do so :)