Chico Wedding Photographers: Christmas on Valentines Day

Well friends! It is Valentines Day, which means that Kenny and I drank a Starbucks together this morning and cheered to another sweet day! And we may have made a little trip to Roseville for some great shopping on our day off yesterday. Oh the things Kenny does for me -- He is amazing! A little crazy, really good looking and yes, amazing!

So today, in honor of Valentines day, I wanted to share this video from the last holiday we spent with our family: Christmas :) I kow, it is a little late and unfitting being that it is February 14th, but we finally got around to finishing the video this weekend. And it is too cute not to share. Plus it includes our family -- whom we happen to LOVE, a lot!

So cheers to love.  And just so you know, we are a  pretty silly family -- and we like to hang out in our sweats, drink Mimosas on Christmas morning and have snowball fights like we are kids again.  

Have a sweet Valentines Day Friends. Don't take for granted the ones that you love and the ones that love you. They are a gift.