Chico Portrait Photographer: The Many Faces of a Child

Kids are the best, huh? When I saw this set of photos, I thought it has to be a blog post. It shows how quickly things change within a matter of seconds. And in some ways, it shows the array of emotions that come with our ever changing lives. So here's to Ethan, who's emotions run deep just like all of ours. Thankful to capture the wondrous spirit of a child -- something we all should aspire to be more like.

And if my blog seems a bit empty lately -- I am taking some time to work on bigger projects within K Stone Photography and some personal projects as well. I love blogging, but is definitely the off season for us. With that, I want to take advantage of some extra time to invest in relationships and bigger projects. Look for blog posts, but not everyday for just a little while.

Thankful for so many of you who follow our blog. We are blessed to have you in our lives!

Oh yes, and Ethan, I'm not sure you could get much cuter...