Chico Wedding Photographer: This is Our Story...

We looked at each other yesterday, and didn't have to say a word because we knew. We were both exhausted. And, it wasn't the kind of tired that could be fixed with a good nap. This kind of tired requires some good old fashioned r and r. In the fall, we decided to take on quite a few projects. For one, we wanted to rebrand ourselves. And that meant a whole lot of work, on almost every front. The deadline for each of these was this past Sunday, in time for the January Bridal Show.

So here we are -- so many projects completed and much to be thankful for. And we are plumb tuckered. This week, if you hear us saying that our evenings consist of curling up on the couch, eating gummy bears, just know that it is true. And yes, we will probably start watching a movie and fall asleep before it is over. This is our life -- and we love it.

Oh, and here we are in front of our booth this past Sunday. Many, many thanks to the people who helped us with the construction of the wall (this photo does not do it justice). Thank you to my sister and her hubby for helping on Sunday. Thank you Kenny, for all of your sacrifices to make this happen. The bridal show is just one of the ways that we love to meet couples. It energizes us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to represent the wedding industry, along with so many other amazing vendors.

Have a great Tuesday evening everyone! Feel free to eat a gummy bear or two! Much Love, K and K

Photo courtesy of our iphone :) Oh, and you may notice the vase with tulips in the middle of our booth. I better stick with photography, as I am not quite sure what I was thinking in arranging those poor flowers :)