To All My Sisters Out There: A Post on Perfume

Something to consider on your wedding day is what kind of perfume you will wear. Is it the same kind that you have worn throughout your dating relationship? Will you choose something different and new for your wedding day? Either way, I say don't forget this special detail. Perfume has been around since the ancient times. I did some research for this post and it was quite interesting to read about the history of fragrances. You see, scent, paricularly the scent of perfume, can do a number of things for the human psyche. Obviously it creates desire, as a smell can definitely stir all sorts of emotions. But you know what else I discovered? There is a strong connection between fragrances and memory. The perfume worn on your wedding day, will actually become a memory, a memory of scent. It is much like the connection between the smell of homemade cookies. For me, this brings back memories of my childhood, as my Mom loved to bake. A groom will not forget the perfume you wear. And everytime he senses that perfume, he will be reminded of the memory of your wedding day.

I know, kind of crazy post, huh? For me, I just think it is special when a bride prepares to see her groom and gives attention to the smallest of details, including the perfume that she will wear. These things are thoughtful. And the perfume becomes nostalgic. It is a scent that your husband will remember for years to come.

So I say, go ahead and parouse the cosmetic counters next time you are at Nordstrom. Splurge on a special perfume for your wedding day. And after you do, I will be there to capture that perfume so that it can be a photographic memory as well. Because let's be honest, I also happen to love photographing a bride's perfume of choice.

Cheers to Tuesday! Have a great day friends!