To All My Sisters Out There: Wedding Bouquets

Many of you know that it doesn’t take long and I will refer to you as sister. I am not sure when this all started, but a few years ago instead of saying someone’s name, I would just say sister. And it kind of stuck. I have found myself saying this to most of my brides and any of the girls in my life. Now bear with me, there is a reason for this story. Today is the debut of a new blog journey. Every other Friday, I will be posting wedding information for my brides to be and any girl out there who is already thinking of her wedding day (hopefully that is a lot of us). There will be posts about choosing a wedding dress, choosing a venue, elements of a first dance – Basically, anything that has to do with the wedding industry, I will try to post at some point.

Now, I had to come up with a name for these blog posts. Let me tell you – this was the hardest of part, for sure. Here’s where the “sister story” comes in: Because I refer to so many of you as my sisters, I have titled these posts: To All My Sisters Out There.

Ok – so I hope you like that part. When you see that title, you will know that wedding thoughts are coming your way.

And for today’s debut post: It is about Choosing Wedding Bouquets with a Different Perspective.

The floral arrangements for a wedding are often chosen to compliment the colors and theme of a wedding day. Great idea? Absolutely. But let me ask you to consider a different perspective.

Choose flowers that you want to see as photos on your wall. Choose flowers that you will love on the day of, with all of your color combinations and dresses, but remember that you will see these flowers for the rest of your life: in your wedding photos.

Giving attention to your floral investment with a wider perspective will make you more satisfied in the long run. Just think – some of your wedding photos, even of the floral details, could be art on your wall. It is definitely something new to consider.

And below, are a few of my favorite bouquet photos. These are shots that I take at nearly every wedding – and some of these are hung in my office. See, I love them as photos as well!

Cheers to Friday and all of my sisters out there!

Sometimes, I like to photograph the bouquet very subtly.

I photograph the boutonierre and a Mother's bouquet as well.

The bridesmaid's Bouquet.

Some close ups of the bridal bouquet.

I didn't include any photos of the other floral arrangements at a wedding -- because that will be another post, for another time. Cheers!