welcome to our new space

So, so excited to share this new website with you. Welcome to our new space; our virtual studio; the place where we share our work, and our stories. 

For the last year or so, I have felt like our website is not a good reflection of us. If you come to our home, you will find that we are minimalists (truly).  We love that we own one big sofa, our walls are grey,  and we accent with white. My website just didn't feel like a step into our living room, or office, or even Parker's nursery. We knew we wanted to simplify. 
And so, our blog and website have been combined into one domain; everything is right here. We have rebranded our logo and trimmed a lot of our material. We have let our clients speak for themselves, instead of us. We have created a lot of white space, pretty lines and new content. It came down to this: 

We want you to see our photography and read our thoughts without clutter. We believe the simplest of designs are actually quite beautiful and have the potential to be more meaningful. We believe in quality over quantity. 

So make yourself a cup of chai, (you know we will), and enjoy some time in our new space. And like we always say, and we genuinely mean, we would love, love to hear from you! 

k and k