what's next

We are heading into the second part of our shorter wedding season this year. It has been nice to have a break while we moved and got settled in Portland. I feel inspired and refreshed and really excited to photograph some gorgeous couples back in California.

What a blessing to do what I love.

I wanted to share my vision moving forward with the business, as some people have asked if I will keep photographing weddings.

The answer: Yes. Definitely! We are still marketing ourselves in California and anywhere along the west coast. I would really love to photograph some weddings in the northwest this year. So, if you know anyone in Oregon and Washington getting married, we would be very grateful if you passed along our name.

Also, I have recently discovered my love for teaching again. As some of you may know, I worked at a high school, before starting this business. I have always been passionate about developing leaders and would love to encourage and help others in the same way that people poured into me. I just finished a mentoring a photographer over Skype last week and loved it. More details on this soon, but if you are a photographer reading this, and have any interest at all in a mentor session, please email me.

And yes, I am still doing a limited number of portrait sessions as well.

At the end of the day, we work as hard as we can. We work hard to be parents. We work hard to love well. We work hard to run a business with integrity, and quality. We work hard to serve people.

We go to bed tired, but fulfilled, because this is what God has called us to. And so while I can't predict all that will happen in this next season, particularly with the business, I will be faithful.  God is good and He will allow whatever He sees best for me. I have to believe this.

Thanks for following friends. I am so excited to have a renewed vision and joy to do something that I love. Kimberly