our path

The longer I live, the more I learn this:

Our life isn't about finding the straightest path with the least resistance. Our life is about experiencing and knowing a faithful God.

This past year, Kenny and I have walked through some confusing and challenging times. During these times, I had to believe, that God redeems. He redeems our hearts and our dreams and sometimes, He redeems our circumstances.

That's what happened to us.

We are really excited to share that we will be moving to Portland, Oregon. In God's amazing plan, Kenny has been given the opportunity to join the staff at A Jesus Church. He will be working alongside some incredible people and doing what he loves. We are humbled and honored and so thankful.  God has been working behind the scenes for many years to prepare us for this move. He is faithful.

As for photography, I will finish up my weddings here in California and travel for a few of the remaining. I will continue to book a limited amount of weddings along the west coast for the coming years. I still love photography. I also love ministry. And I love my family deeply. This is where I will focus most of my time.

With all my heart, I believe nothing was wasted in this past season of our lives. God is so much bigger than our plans and our dreams and our happiness. He is always plotting for our joy. Deep, true joy that is only found in Him.

Please stay in touch. There are many adventures to come! Much Love friends, K and K and p : )