When God says no to a dream, or two, or three....

I am a dreamer. Truly.I feel like that's just the way God has wired me. I am a visionary. I see life as one big opportunity to do things: To do great things.

And this season, for some reason, I feel like every time God gives me a new dream, it just doesn't work or He closes the door. It's confusing and at times, really painful. Yet as I'm in this place of processing disappointments, I am learning to find purpose in the broken dreams.

Broken dreams build our patience. They test our resilience. They keep us humble. Broken dreams have the ability to change us. They can crush us. They can motivate us. Or they can re-align our hearts over and over again with the will of God. Broken dreams deepen our faith. And eventually, they lead us to God's best.

In the process, our hearts are changed and awakened to what is most important in life. God redeems broken dreams.

I know in my soul, that someday soon, God will bring a dream to fruition in our lives and it will be beautiful. It will make sense of all the broken dreams. And it will be evidence that God is always, always working behind the scenes, in a hundred different ways, for His glory and our good.

I pray you keep dreaming. Don't lose heart. God is faithful. Kimberly