The Mess

The common thread of my life this past year has been risk. And if I'm being honest, sometimes that seems a little too messy; too uncertain. I'd rather have a predictable, easy life.But  lately I've been realizing that this messy life actually sets the stage for something beautiful:

The mess reveals my humanity: That I'll never be perfect. That despite my efforts to be a great Mom, I will fail Parker often. That even though Kenny and I have a pretty sweet relationship, there will always be tension. We are broken people. And genuine relationships will always be hard work. The mess makes me see that I am not in control. Life won't be pain free. Life will always change. Risk is inevitable, whether we want to accept that or not. Mostly, the mess creates in me an ache for Hope.

You see, all of the sudden we crave purpose outside of perfecting our little lives. We decide that there has to be more. In the middle of this imperfect world, I have found a perfect, unchanging God who redeems all of my mess and gives me purpose and hope. Great hope.

praying for you friends, Kimberly

This photo was taken by our sweet friend, Bethany. It was a season in our life where Kenny and I first starting sensing that God was asking us to dream a little bigger, and since that time, life has always been a little crazier and a lot more meaningful.