Stories from the past year

I shouldn't expect that life will always make sense. God calls us to walk roads of joy and pain; He gives us the good and the hard. And all of these things work together to change us, and in the process, give us a life with great purpose and meaning. As we look back on 2013, it was a life changing, full year:

*Adopting Parker has been the most amazing thing that has happened to Kenny and I. My dreams of what our adoption story would be, don't even compare to what God unfolded in front of our eyes. We are deeply grateful. And we would do it again, in a heartbeat.

*Losing my Grandpa and Janee, within a couple months of one another, has totally impacted my life.  All of the sudden you realize just how short life is and there is no time to waste. Both of their stories have changed eternity and I am so grateful for the chance to know them.

*At the end of each year, I am so amazed that God would let me make a living doing what I love and meeting the best of people along the way. We photographed nineteen weddings in six months. It was such a gift.

*So many of our clients not only invested in our work, they invested in our story. You wouldn't believe the people who came to meet Parker after we adopted him. Our clients showered us with gifts and love. Thank you friends. Your generosity inspires us.

*Walking through a very confusing and hurtful season at the church, which ended in another great loss for our family, has been very hard. It's changed us, taught us so much.

*I still can't believe that my sister doesn't live in Chico anymore. I hated seeing them leave. Makes you realize that life changes quickly and the time we have with people is what matters most. So grateful for the best sister a girl could ask for.

*And because of all that happened, we have been given more time together, as a family of three. Working with Kenny, Parker alongside us, is a huge blessing. I love it.

A lot has changed this year. A lot has changed me. More than ever, I am ready for a new year; and hopeful for new seasons and stories.

Thank you for being a part of our crazy, crazy life this past year. much love friends, K and K and P