This is one of those posts that I never dream of writing. Six days ago, our beautiful friend sat with us in our home. She babysat Parker earlier that evening. And the last text we exchanged, we said, "see you soon." 

There is brevity to life like I've never known.

Our sweet friend Janee, passed away this week. She was struck by a car while riding her bike, and in an instant so many lives changed.

But our lives were changed long before Friday, our lives were changed because of the life that Janee lived. Our lives were changed because she chose to love us all. To love Jesus more than anything, and make sure that her moments mattered.

Janee, you are beautiful. Your kindness marked you. You always found ways to serve others.  You never complained, no matter what was in front of you. You listened. You encouraged. You showed compassion. You didn't want to be the center of attention, instead you found those that needed attention and loved them well. You made people feel like family. You made your family feel like heroes. Janee, you had joy that changed the world.

Thank you for loving Kenny and I. And loving Parker. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and the intentional ways that you encouraged us. Thank you for being our friend and spending more time with us, than we ever deserved.

Today, life is different. This accident has shocked a community. We are grieving a great loss on this side of heaven.

But in the midst of this tragedy, I know, with all my heart, that there is also great hope. Janee is whole, she is in heaven with our God. And her life continues to make a difference.

Life is precious. Our days are numbered. Janee taught us so much in the short time she had. She lived a story much bigger than herself. Janee pointed people to Jesus. She loved well. This is a great gift that lives on through her beautiful life.

We love you so much Janee. We are so grateful for the chance to to know you, to call you friend. What an honor. And like we said on Wednesday night, see you soon sister. Until then, you will be greatly missed.

"Hope is the anchor of my soul." Hebrews 6:19 This photo was taken last week. We will treasure it forever. 

A memorial service for Janee will be at 6pm, this evening, Tuesday the 5th at Neighborhood Church in Chico.