My Summer

Summer has ended. And with that, I realize just how much happened. It was definitely one of those seasons that I felt deeply -- about so many things:

Complete love and awe for Parker. Every day I look at him and cannot believe he is our son. What an undeserved gift. Deep gratitude and pain for Parker's birthparents. Gratitude for their selfless decision that changed our lives; giving us parenthood in a matter of moments. At the same time, there are days when I hurt for them because I just can't imagine how they feel. It's hard to process sometimes. Great grief over losing someone that I love. In May, my Grandpa held Parker for the first and last time. It was a beautiful moment, but so hard to say goodbye to the person who influenced me to laugh more and ALWAYS be generous. I still miss him everyday. Sweet laughter because of my family and friends. Parker just beams with joy. Kenny is the best. And we've had some of the greatest laughs with family and friends this summer. Bittersweet sadness the day my sister moved. Kenny and I have said a lot of goodbyes to friends and family over the years, but this was the hardest. Sometimes you just don't realize how close you are to someone until they move away. Blessed to have a sister like her. Heartache over ministry.  Ministry has been difficult. The kind of season where you wrestle with God over so many questions. And at the same time, you hold onto God with all you have, because you know He is faithful. Incredible joy because I get to do what I love This summer, we have worked with the best people: People who become friends; who influence us, encourage us, and broaden our perspective. We are so grateful for these people who become a part of our lives. Marvelous hope for the future.  I've come to realize that this life is just an opportunity to let God live out His dreams and His heart through us. At the end of the day, we hope our life will be bigger than ourselves.

So we bid the summer goodbye, knowing it changed us, for the better. Thanks for being a part of our crazy adventures that we call life with us. Much Love, K and K and P

We ended our summer in Napa, shooting a beautiful wedding. Here's a snapshot of our afternoon before the wedding. Love us some family time!