Happy Birthday Kenny

Dear Kenny,

Thank you so much for working harder than anyone I know. Thank you for taking out the garbage and the dirty diapers. You are the best. Thank you for making me laugh all the time. Thank you for letting me beat you in one on one. (I think that happened once). Thank you for not choosing the easy path in life -- although sometimes I kind of wish you would ;) Thank you for letting me drink your Starbucks. That's real love. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for being the kindest person I know. Thank you for keeping my car clean. I know there are a lot of other things you could be doing with your very little spare time. Thank you for accepting the fact that we are both terrible dancers. Thank you for introducing me to the new One Republic Album. Thank you for never judging my cooking skills. And eating salad all the time. Thank you for making the little things in life the best. I love our runs in the park and watching your basketball games. Thank you for taking me to Cannon Beach every year. Road trips with you are the best. Thank you for dreaming with me -- for always wanting to do great things for Jesus. Thank you for never being complacent. For challenging me and helping me become more resilient.

Thank you for  adopting Parker. Thank you for loving us more than we deserve. Thank you for making both of our lives the best.

Happy Birthday Stone! You are an incredible, incredible husband and amazing father. We love you so much K and P