Sweet Canoe Engagement: Austin and Emily

I met Emily almost two years ago. We definitely bonded over photography, ministry and Starbucks :) She loves people and has a generous spirit. She is a beautiful person. And as for Austin, well we first met him at Costco; he works there. And we go there, a lot. So we see him, a lot. He's an awesome guy, such a hard worker and totally head over heels for Emily:) This fall, we've had the chance to know them better, together. They are amazing people, both serving the Chico State community well. They work tirelessly and we appreciate so much about them. You can imagine we were SO excited about their engagement and the opportunity that they gave us to capture these photos. We are absolutely honored to know them and honored that they would choose to work with us. It's not every day that you get to photograph other photographers; so special for us.

Thank you so much Austin and Emily. We can't wait for your wedding, we can't wait to see the world change, because of you :) Much Love, K and K

And, Emily had been dreaming of engagement photos with pond and a canoe for years. Truly, she may have had this dream before she even knew Austin. So MANY thanks to Donna, at White Ranch Events, for making this happen. So blessed to work with incredibly generous people.

You two are amazing.