Butte Country Club Wedding: Cody and Whitney

We woke up to rain. And not the kind of rain that just spritzes your face, but the kind of stormy, sideways rain that no one dreams could ever happen on their wedding day. And so we prayed. And I believe God totally heard us :) Because anytime that we needed to be outside on Cody and Whitney's wedding day, it was like the rain would just stop. It was truly a miracle.

Cody and Whitney came together, not only as a couple on their wedding day, but as a family. And not a dry eye was in the house. We all cried and celebrated with Cody and Whitney. Their zeal for life and love for their family is so evident. They are the kind of people that make you laugh -- and laugh some more. They are the kind of people with huge hearts -- oozing with generosity and acceptance.

And we were so honored to document this day. To see so many beautiful moments -- to capture the tears and the laughter. What an amazing day.

Thank you so much Cody and Whitney. Thank you to your families. We are so grateful and honored to know you.

Much Love, K and K

Vendors: Hotel Diamond Makeup: Powder Room Ceremony: Bidwell Presbyterian Church Reception: Butte Creek Country Club Foral Design: Lisa's Flor Decor Catering: Butte Creek Country Club Photography: K Stone Photography

These are Cody's sons, and they were a special part of the day...

Whitney is so sweet -- she just loves these boys too much :)

Whitney, you are beautiful...

The ceremony took place at the historic Bidwell Presbyterian

The details were amazing...