love is a powerful thing...

We watched this last night, for the first time, in quite awhile. And I think it was good timing. Because even though this video is about our story, it reminds us that we really get to be a part of capturing history: Some of the biggest moments in a person's life.

So we wanted to share our story with you again because it is a big part of our brand. And it is a big part of our brand because it is truly what we believe.

We know that love changes people. Never is a person loved, and left unmoved.

And so our work is not just a way of making a living. It is not just a profession. And it is not about us at all.  It is about you. And this work is something that we feel passionate about, because we are documenting the kind of things that matter most in life. Your stories are powerful.

Much love and gratitude for letting your life be changed and inspiring us in the process, K and K