Chico Engagement: Keaton and Ashton

There are the kind of people in life who have the gift of making others feel like a million dollars: The kind of people that you spend any amount of time with, and you are instantly encouraged. Ashton and Keaton are these kind of people. I have a feeling they make friends in an instant and people gravitate towards them. I have a feeling they would give you the coat right off their own back, if you needed it. I have a feeling they will do great things in this world, together.

We have only known these two for a little while, but they have already blessed us in so many ways.

So, thank you Ashton and Keaton for surviving the longest car ride of your life those years ago and knowing then, that you could build a life together. You are amazing people. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. We are super excited and definitely blessed.

Much Love friends! K and K

Ashton, you are so pretty...