Words. They are so powerful and have the ability to change our lives.

And then there are names, the kind of words that when you hear them, you remember someone's story; a legacy that will be etched in your mind forever.

And that's how I feel about the name, Ezra.

We photographed Tim and Michelle last month. They are so sweet. Joy and kindness and love oozes from their souls. When we photographed them, they were expecting their first child, a little boy.

And just like that, their lives were changed forever.

Ezra came into this world, stillborn, two weeks ago. I still want to cry as I write this because it is so sad: I just can't imagine walking through this, as they are. And yet, I want to write this, because Ezra's life was not in vain. I want Tim and Michelle to know that their son has made a huge difference in this world. Their pain is not wasted in any way, at all.

Just like his little name means "help", Ezra has helped us. He has helped us remember that life is short, that nothing is guaranteed. His story tells us that what we do with today, how we spend our time, matters. It matters a lot. We live in the illusion of comfort and stability, yet at any moment our lives could change.

And so we are called to live with, and for a purpose. Just like Ezra.

At the end of the day, all of our lives will point to something. Ezra's tiny little frame and perfect story brought attention to the God of the Universe. It brought attention to the only thing that matters.

Thank you Ezra, for leaving a legacy that points to something so much bigger than yourself. Thank you Tim and Michelle for being used by God. In the midst of incredible heartache, you are making a difference in this world. Please know that.

Ezra, your name will never be forgotten. Every time we hear it, we will be reminded of you. We will remember that each day, God's glory is at stake and so there is no time to waste.

We love you Tim, Michelle and baby Ezra.