Chico Wedding: Alex and Alicia

I remember their day so well. It was the Sunday of Labor Day and I was actually having a really rough morning. I remember being in tears on the way to their wedding, as I was overwhelmed with some things in our life. And so we stopped. We pulled off the side of the road and we prayed. Kenny gave me a pep talk and together we promised to give this wedding our best. And this wedding blew me away. The people were some of the kindest we have ever met. The families so sweet. Alex and Alicia could not stop smiling -- they are smitten and we absolutely LOVED working with them. You can just tell the spirit of the day by the people. These people knew how to have fun and they embraced us with open arms. Just amazing!

I am so grateful for this wedding day. It is days like this, that make me realize how blessed we are to do something we love together. And just like this wedding, we are inspired by our clients, people like Alex and Alicia.

So thank you both. Thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding. We had a blast -- loved every moment and think the two of you are going to make an incredible team for life.

Much Love and Gratitude, K and K

Vendors: Venue: The Palms Pavilion Catering: Chico Catering Company DJ: Elite Sounds Makeup: The Powder Room Photographer: K Stone Photography Floral Design: Chico Florist Cake: Upper Crust Jewelery: Ashley Menza Designs

Love working with Ashley, from the Powder Room. She is the best!

The first look. Don't you just love how excited Alex is? I am telling you, they were just Smitten...

Alex and Alicia met in Chico, but live in Monterey -- so they wanted the historic Bidwell Mansion as a backdrop for some of their photos.

Such a sweet Bridal Party...

I am a big fan of this shot :)

The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn outside the Palms Alicia's parents. Enough said.

Married :)

We took some time to photograph a few more portraits before the party started.

The details at the reception were ubnderstated, and just pretty. Once again, Upper Crust, did a wonderful job with the cake.

This might be one of my favorite "cake-cutting" of all time :)

Love when we are in just the right spot for a dance move like this :)