Chico Wedding Photographer: 7 Years

Yesterday we celebrated seven years of marriage. So crazy to think that life moves this quickly. And in seven years of this amazing, unpredictable adventure, we have learned so much. We have learned that expectations will only let us down. We have learned that morning breath is a true reality, no matter how pretty we think we are... (sorry friends) We have learned to share: bank accounts, rooms, cars, food and chores. We have learned that being together is way better than being alone. We have learned how to compromise. We have learned to make mistakes and find grace. We have learned that perception is hardly reality. We have seen after six moves in seven years that we can live nearly anywhere (ok, maybe...?) We have learned to love our quirks. We have learned to laugh over spilled milk. We have learned that In N Out truly serves the best fast food burger, and fries. We have learned that forgiveness is daily. We have seen that not everyone thinks we are very funny, but we still think we are :) We have learned to be unafraid of risk, because that's where God stretches us most. We have seen that married people really do start to look alike. We have learned to appreciate our family now, more than ever. We have learned how to disagree, and are still trying to figure out the art of conflict. We have learned that chai tea will always be our drink of choice. We have learned that cereal is always best in the late night hours. We have learned a lot. We still have a lot to learn.

And today, we are learning to love, better and more sacrificially as God changes us. Our hearts are grateful for seven years.

And because we have been taking a photo each year, in the same spot, here is this year's self portrait. (which certainly proves that our self portrait work is not improving:))

Oh yes, and thanks to the Stone family for sending these beautiful flowers! What a treat!