Chico Product Photographer: Boss Manufacturing

I was in Hawaii when I received the email from Julie. She wanted to set up some of her products (which include cake stands, buffet stands and more) and have us photograph them. Let's just say, we were excited. Being wedding photographers who LOVE details, this kind of stuff is right up our alley. And when we decided to set up her products on the same weekend as the Chico Event Center Open House, everything just came together. We wanted to feature one of their latest designs, which included these stands for cake pops. If you are thinking of serving cake pops at your wedding or event, these are perfect :)

Boss Manufacturing is based locally out of Orland and each stand is custom made. I would highly recommend them to any bride or event professional. Julie and her team are great to work with, and just the nicest of people who go the extra mile for their clients. You will feel spoiled working with them.

Thank you Julie for giving us the opportunity to photograph some of your amazing work!

Julie, had also partnered with Bedazzle my BonBons for this set. Kenny and I were able to taste these unique and amazing cake pops at the end of the session. Let's just say we may have eaten more than one.

And because we photographed these products during the weekend of the Chico Event Center Open House, I couldn't help, but photograph a few of the table settings that other vendors had put together. Love this theme.