Chico Wedding Photographer: Albums

My oh my, the weather changed in a quick hurry around here. It is so stormy outside. Pretty sure I will be hunkering down this weekend. So consider this your warning: If you stop by, I will probably be in my sweats, hair completely undone and wearing my UGG boots. Kind of sounds like bliss right now :) I wanted to do a quick snapshot of our albums today. They are really quite beautiful and make us feel very refined. In today's digital age, I think products like an album, are even more important. They are timeless and definitely worth the investment. For us, we took a long time to find the right kind of album. We wanted something that would stand the test of time and be worth every penny that our clients spend. The company that we have found is amazing and definitely compliments our brand.

Now you may wonder why these albums make us feel oh so refined. First of all, our albums are made from 100 percent full grain leather. They are absolutely stunning and the highest quality. The pages are bound together in a micro fold, meaning there is no cut down the middle. We prefer this, because when a spread is put together, no picture will have any cuts in it. The binding lays flat, which is pretty unique for a wedding album. And finally, the paper used to build our albums will not discolor. Isn't that amazing?

So consider what you will want after your wedding day. We think an album is the perfect way to tell your story over and over again. Because believe me, no one can resist looking through the pages of an album like this.

Happy Friday everyone! Cheers to staying warm!