Chico Photographer: Our Thanksgiving

Oh gosh, we needed a break. It has been such an incredibly busy fall -- nonstop with weddings, ministry, the birth of our nephew and an entire overhaul and rebranding of K Stone Photography. By last Wednesday, we were tuckered. Plumb tired. But Thanksgiving Break revitalized our souls. God blessed us with some awesome time with friends, family and just the two of us. It was wonderful and reflective. And like all road trips, there were some stops along the way...

After work on Tuesday, we were able to drive to Bend, Oregon and stay with one of my roomates from college. Kaitlin and Reed are the sweetest people. They are such good friends to us and it is always refreshing to be with them. And this time, we got to meet their daughter, Lucy. As you will see, she should be entered into a cutest baby contest. Look at those cheeks and blue eyes!

Then we traveled further north to the town of Almira, Washington, where Kenny's family lives. It is a wheat farming community and very rural. It is so different than where I grew up or anything that I know. Yet there is something quiet and unarming about this town. Life is simple here. The days were spent together and the evenings at the Almira High School gym, playing old school basketball and doing jazzercise. And no, I am not joking. These are just a few of the historic buildings on Main Street in Almira. I would love use these as a backdrop for an engagement session. Anyone want to roadtrip to Almira?

And as for the family -- well we had an amazing time together! So many memories and laughing until my side hurt. Love these people!!

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. And if you didn't get a chance to see our new website, we would love to show you and hear your feedback. Cheers to Tuesday!