Chico Wedding Photographer: Danny and Bridget

We don't always get to work with our clients prior to their wedding day. This was the case with Bridget and Danny. And yet, we felt like friends. Their wedding day was filled with so many creative elements and everyone laughed and cried tears of joy from the moment the day began. I am so thankful to have seen all of the emotions of their wedding day through the lens of my camera. Truly, it was an honor.Danny and Bridget, I hope you know how thankful we are for you two! You are a stunning couple and it was so obvious how many people just adore you two!

Cheers to the Newlyweds!

Ok, is she just so beautiful?

The girls are gorgeous!

I love this photo of Bridget -- because you can actually see the tears of joy coming down her face... And I am pretty sure Danny had the same reaction...

The details were amazing! Bridget had spent months drying the Manzanita branches...

Mindy, with Special Times Catering, did a fantastic job of putting everything together. Just beautiful!

Upper Crust provided the cake, which had their names and wedding date written in arabic.

Cambray Rose Florist provided the amazing flowers for the day. This ring was a family heirloom, and Bridget wore it the entire day as well..

And as for the rest of the evening, there is more to come. For now, thank you Danny and Bridget. What an honor!