To All My Sisters Out There: The Smallest of Details

Hey Friends -- Quick post today, as I am just working away. Oh yes, and let's not forget, that my sister is going to have a baby any day. So perhaps my brain is on excitement overload, making it much harder to concentrate on these blog posts. As a wedding photographer, I continue to see that the smallest of details matter. While it is certainly my job to be creative and set the scene for the extraordinary; sometimes I find a bride has gone the extra mile in considering so many of her details. Here is an example below. The bride had ordered a custom hanger for her wedding dress and it made a world of difference in her photos. A tiny detail like this, will give such personalized character to your photos. Photos with this kind of detail are also perfect for wedding albums. I just love it.

In your wedding planning, perhaps you can find a few extra moments to consider the small things. And in case any of you want to know how to order these: here is a link to an etsy site for you!

Cheers to Wednesday! Wow, this week is flying by! Thank you again to the best of clients and friends!