Chico California Wedding Photographer: Aric and Cinnamin

I am telling you, 2011 has been full of the kindest couples -- the sweetest people. Aric and Cinnamin are among those. Aric is thoughtful and deliberate. Cinnamin is sweet and full of joy. Together they share love and companionship. They taught me a lot in the couple hours we spent together. Once again, I am so thankful that they would let us into their lives and especially, into their wedding day this fall. Cheers to love! And happy hour at the Tea Bar!

Aric rocked it!

And... off to the fields for a different look. I am going to be honest, I always get a little nervous with fields. I don't like spiders, or snakes or wild animals for that matter. But for the sake of a photo, I put on my brave face... And, it was worth it! These two made the fields look stunning!

Cinnamin, you are gorgeous -- I love your smile!

You two are just wonderful!