Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Lately I have been meeting with quite a few couples, and I have begun to wonder how I could help more -- how can I help people make a good decision about their wedding photography? And when I say that, I do not assume that we are the best choice for everyone, because we aren't. There are so many choices and good choices. So what are some helpful things for couples to discern about the wedding photographers that they meet with. How can they make the best choice for themselves? I would say more than anything -- make sure the photographer is a professional. Ask them about their work, look at their photos. View a variety of their photos to see how they look in different situations, are they consistently producing high quality images? Interview them about their experience.

Once you are able to discern whether or not a photographer has the experience that you want, then I would say the second most important thing to determine, is whether or not this photographer makes you comfortable. Do you get along well with them and do you think that they will be able to put you at ease on your wedding day? A photographer spends a great deal of time with you on your wedding day and it is important that they are someone who you would want to invite into that day. Can you envision this photographer as part of your day? Kenny and I love the relationships that we get to build because of our work. You almost want your photographer to feel like a friend. At least that is how we want our clients to feel -- because this will give them the freedom to be themselves.

Obviously photographers have different styles, and you will see that, in the images that they produce. So make sure that their work matches what you envision as an end product. Also, does the kind of work they do, have a timeless value to it -- so that in ten years you will still love your photos?

Perhaps there is more I could say on this subject. Perhaps there is less I could say. I want the kind of clients who cannot wait to see what images we produce and trust us to the fullest. At the end of the day, if you can feel this way about the photographer you choose, then that is certainly the right choice for you.

Cheers to decision making (which I am slowly improving on). And because I am steadily working on this wedding, I thought I would show you at least one more photo -- because I can hardly wait!