To All My Sisters Out There: Wearing a Veil

In ancient culture, a wedding veil was worn by a bride to signify many things. Some cultures believed that the veil would ward off evil and was worn to protect a woman. Other cultures believed that the veil was a sign of modesty and morality. Still, other people groups, wore the veil to signify submission to the husband. At the end of a ceremony, the groom would lift the veil, as the first sign of headship to his family. Today,the decision to wear a veil, is usually based on personal choice, rather than tradition. Similar to how a wedding gown reveals the uniqueness of a bride, so too can a veil. I encourage my brides to find a veil that compliments their style and gown choice. A veil really is a stunning and unique accessory to a gown. It photographs beautifully and adds another dimension to portraits.

While I say all of this, there are also many brides who choose not to wear a veil. I think that even this choice, shows us something about that bride's style and personality.

The goal in this post, is not to sway you one way or the other. Rather to give you some food for thought. It is so fun for a bride to see the components of her wedding day come together -- including her gown and accessories. Look at photos and magazines and envision what you see yourself choosing. More than any thing, I hope you will find joy in giving thought to all these things. And at the end of the day, remember what really matters most is your marriage.

Cheers to engagements and wedding planning!

The same veil from above, added to the dimension of this photo...

These are some beautiful styles..

Both these brides chose not to wear a veil, and complimented their look with something totally different and equally as stunning.