To All My Sisters Out There: The Powder Room

Well this is long overdue -- another installment of To All My Sisters Out There. Thanks for your patience as the wedding season has made my life a bit crazy lately. Today, I am thrilled to showcase The Powder Room -- a beauty bar in downtown Chico. The concept here is makeup and skin care in a boutique fashion. When clients walk in, they are greeted with a beautiful design and served well. The Powder Room works with many brides and bridal parties, so I thought this was fitting for this post. I believe that makeup design can be a sweet part of your wedding day look and finding a good artist, who understands your desires, is really important.

Ashley, is the owner of The Powder Room and so I asked her to share briefly her perspective on the way that this brand serves the wedding industry.

Ashley first said that Brides incur a lot of stress (even good stress) and tension leading up to their wedding day. This where she comes in: On the day of the wedding, it is her desire to make those moments enjoyable, relaxing, and the most beautiful that a bride can have. She takes careful attention to consult with her brides before and so the day of is totally stress free, when it comes to finishing her look with makeup. Ashley takes the time to understand what her brides envision.

Ashley also said, "I really love my job, and hope it shows! I travel to do makeup for the bridal party and do whatever it takes to make the bride feel SPECIAL and IMPORTANT on her wedding day. Because that is what it comes down to..."

In hearing these things, I think it is safe to say that brides are served in a special way by their makeup artist. These are the people who put the finishing touches on your look in a beautiful, personal way. So consider this investment on your wedding day.

Lastly, here are some photos of the details in her shop -- the beauty bar we call it. Cheers to The Powder Room and Thursday mornings in my office. Thanks Ashley, for sharing a bit of your brand with us.

She has put so much work into the details of her store. I just love it.

Oh yes, and the bride below: Her makeup was designed by Ashley at the Powder Room. Gorgeous!